About this blog

We make a living on our website production and so on.


It is a blog.
"photosynthesic" is a coined word that is a combination of photosynthesis.

I play a lot with WordPress and write development notes.

The theme often changes.

The first one was the one that started instead of the WordPress test.

I am currently making and using the child theme of Twenty Seventeen.Because the doctor's poor treatment, it is not so much that it is not cursed almost.I have been holding a case priority for ten years.

2018/10/04 Postscript: I put a new theme.I'll try to play Alecole.

The contents are written seriously, but sometimes it is wrong.

It is a blog that Has been written in the mood to shed a small bottle in the ocean of the WEB, but the number of people who come to see it has increased a little because it seems to have stood out a little.Thank you very much.

So, I'll write it while thinking that it is needless to say again.

It is basically a memo for myself, but as I did in the past, I am writing with the feeling that if it becomes a little for reference of some people who are lost.

However, the Web is literally advancing day by day, so the information quickly becomes out dated.I try to clarify the source as much as possible, so if you can afford it, please look there.There is a possibility that you misunderstand the information in English in the first place.Please keep it in "Reference".

There are two people who are writing.

My husband (yasu) and my wife (mimi) write a blog, but most of them are written by my wife.However, the information of the husband seems to be reliable, and the article of 2013 is still viewed.Don't look at the old tech people!

It also serves as a test of Google.

I'm two people who are technical lying before and after the web, and I don't do marketing or SEO so professionally.However, since i have to know about Google's Adsense and analytics properly, I use it as a test as free touch data, not a client, etc. (Well, almost, I'm just installing it, …)。

(Added on March 20, 2019)